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Patrick Damron, owner of PWD Port Services, with 25 years of experience in the waterfront industries of Charleston, SC & Savannah, GA is an industry expert.
Charleston South Carolina Savannah Georgia Port Services
PWD Port Services
PWD Port Services offers Charleston South Carolina and Savannah Georgia Port Services

Shrink Wrapping / Boat Cradling / Trucking / Transloading / Cross Docking / Commercial Warehouse

OverSized Freight / Over-Dimensional Freight / Heavy Freight Services
Charleston South Carolina Savannah Georgia Port Services
Shrink Wrapped Boats Awaiting Transport to the South Carolina Ports Authority for Shipping Abroad
PWD Cross Docking
Mobile Crane Moves Shipping Container for Cross Docking
We load vehicles and equipment on flat racks, open tops and containers
Commercial Warehouse Space for Cross Docking and Transloading

We load and block and brace used and new equipment for export.

We can block and brace hazardous freight for export to pass inspection and can receive hazardous freight

Finished shrink wrapping on Zodiac
Finished shrink wrapping on Zodiac
Airplane before shrink wrap
Air Plane Ready for Shrink Wrapping

Without Shrink wrapping this plane is subject to road debris environmental issues and will have issues with wind resistance during the trip.

Air Plane Preshrink wrap

Positioning of the Airplane and the wings properly before shrink wrapping optimizes the wind resistance and makes for a more stable transport to the destination.

Airplane Shrink wrapped

Airplane is Shrinked wrapped and ready for transport. The Airplane wings have also been shrink wrapped for the trip, and aligned for minimum wind resistance.

Shrink wrapped Airplane

Airplane and wings are shrink wrapped, and heading out for cross country trip. Protected from the elements of mother nature, as well as those of the road.

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PWD Port Services has been serving the Souteastern Coast for over 25 years. Delivering customer satisfaction in the areas of Shrink wrapping Boats and equipment, cross docking, commercial warehousing, transloading and transportation.

With facilities to service the ports of Charleston South Carolina, and Savannah Georgia, we continue to enjoy delivering our Southern Flavor of Hospitality in the Shipping industry.

Our crews deliver exceptional quality on shrink wrapping boats and industrial equipment that must be shrink wrapped for transport to international borders.

We meet all of demands of weather, and secured inventory on Shipping containers.
One of the biggest issues on Cargo containers crossing the oceans, it the tossing and turning of the ocean.
Our team understands that the best blocking and bracing techniques will deliver the goods to the destination with peace of mind.

When you have the need to warehouse inventory before having it channeled to end points, we have the facilities to aid in the storage, and transport with our access to our trucking partners.

PWD Port Services has been involved in working with industry partners to setup facilities, expedite logistics, and deliver our Port Services to Southeastern Ports 7/24/365 since 1996

Our mission statement at PWD Port Services is to deliver our team best, and make sure the customer experience brings them back time and again.

Boat Strapping

Boat Strapping allows for the vessel to be secured to a platform during shipping.  Done properly, boat strapping ensures your investment arrives at the destination port securely and with no jostling during transport across land, or sea.

Strapping Model T in a shipping container

Strapping Vehicles during transport helps to keep stationary and prevents damage from movement in the container.

Shrink Wrapping

Completely covering the boat helps to keep out rodents and protect canvas from bird droppings, dust and debris. Because it is heat tensioned, shrink wrap eliminates water, debris, and other damages that may occur during shipping..